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Tutorial – Personal And Impersonal Passive

Pilar Pando, our Language teacher, told us to look for a Tutorial of personal and impersonal Passive, hope you like it.

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Robert And The Dog – Oral – VoiceThread

You will then see an oral in VoiceThread. Pilar Pando, decided to use new tools to improve our presentations, I hope you like it. Click Here

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Causative Passive Presentation

During the Language class we presented an explanation of the topic that we have been revising. I worked with Olivia Obligado Here is our presentation: Causative passive from Oliviaobligado

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Sredni Vashtar – Paragraph 14

This is the analysis of the paragraph chosen by our literature teacher. Hope you like it!! Sredni Vashtar – Paragraph 14 Bautista Buljevich, Matías Ripoll, Abril Terán Frías, Sol Santayana and Mora Lemos Conradin shut his lips tight, but the … Sigue leyendo

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Crime Report – Sol Santayana

17-year-old becomes 11th fatal stabbing victim in London in a fortnight Spate of knife killings prompts police crackdown Stabbing purportedly happened after a fight in a supermarket car park PA A 17-year-old has been stabbed to death in Walthamstow in … Sigue leyendo

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Dialogue – Astrologer and his Wife

Last Friday (05/05), Pilar Pando, my Language teacher, told us to make a comic in pairs, with a dialogue between the Astrologer and his wifi. I made this work with: Olivia Obligado. THE COMIC Hope you like it!

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Passive Voice Tutorial

In the last class we had with Pilar Pando she asked us to look for a Passive Voice Tutorial.  

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Presentation of Al Capone

In our History class our teacher told us to do a  presentation about a person that had an impact in the USA 1920s. The person I chose is Al Capone. Here is my presentation: Al capone from juanazufriategui

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Biology Work

Biology Work Differences: The difference between solids, liquids, and gases at a molecular level is how much room the atoms have to move around. In solids, the atoms are packed closely together not leaving much room to move around, which … Sigue leyendo

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#1Language Online Test – 2017 – 1 term

This is my first Language Online Test. Online Test By: Sol Santayana Task 1: 1- Has fallen 2- Has grown 3- Have contributed 4- Were 5- Has fallen 6- Are having 7- Spend 8- Leave 9- Lived 10- Increased Task … Sigue leyendo

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