EPORTFOLIO: Mother Nature Is In Big Trouble, Let’s Help Her- Poem (3er Trimestre)

Mother Nature Is In Big Trouble, Let’s Help Her – Poem 

Sol Santayana 

During the third term, with Pat, she proposed an activity which the final result would be a poem that we have created by us alone. At the beginning everyone was scared, because we had never done something like this. But she help us by giving us many steps before starting to make the poem. Firstly we had to choose a picture that we had taken, we could be on it or not, but it was essential that we took the picture. After we all chose the picture, where we would get inspired of, we should “analyze” the photo, where, we had to write nouns, verbs and adjectives, 5 of each, that it came to our minds when looking the picture, it could be anything that maybe it not appeared in the picture, but that you related with something. And the last but not lest step, before starting writing the creative poem, we should choose only 2 literary devices, that she but on the board, it could be metaphor, simile, symbol, personification, etc, that you thought while looking the picture. After doing all the step it was the time to get creative and start doing the final product, the poem, taking into consideration everything that you did before, and including it into the poem. Later on, while doing the poem, we had some few minutes to read what we had written, to one classmate, and exchange ideas, making a constructive feedback, and questions.

I chose a picture I took in 2017, one of my fist pictures taken in my cell phone, the photo portraits a cat with lots of plants in his soraudig and a leaf converting one of his eyes. I immediately thought about nature, and I wanted to make as if the cat is Mother Nature and she is hiding from us, humans, and that she is afraid, because she is dying, because of climate change and everything that is happening with the Earth. In a way I wanted to transit a massage to the world and aware what is happening today and that is a problem that concerns a lot because it can harm us all. I wanted to make a kind of dialogue, between Mother Nature and a human being, where the human ask her question of why this is happening and if there’s anything that he could do to help or to stop it from happening, and where she response that there is nothing else to do. 


This is my work: 

1- Choose a picture:

2- Look at the photo and write

    5 nouns: 

  1. Love 
  2. Hirts  
  3. Animal/Cat
  4. Nature
  5. Attack 

    5 verbs: 

  1. Hiding 
  2. Falling apart
  3. Lover 
  4. Caring 
  5. Lifes 


    5 adjectives: 

  1. Sunny 
  2. Calme
  3. Friendly 
  4. Natural
  5. Simple 


3- Look at the photo and think of (choose 2)

  1. A metaphor: 
  2. A simile: 
  3. A personification: The cat speaks thru his frightened eyes. People are afraid of nature when the nature is afraid of humanity and that’s why the cat represents the nature hiding from the humans.
  4. A symbol: The symbolism of the cat hiding is to emphasizes how it is afraid just as nature it is now over the years. 


4- Start Writing:

My love, my love, why are you so sad? 

Its hurts, I am under attack 

I can’t hide anymore, I am falling apart

Say what shall I do to help you, and it will be done

There is no time, mine is finishing 

Can’t you see? Humanity no longer exist 

My pain is unstoppable

How could this take place with you on the command? 

My friend, I don’t know, I used to be the powerful phoenix 

Everyone was afraid but human has lost their fear 

They only want to satisfy their needs 

Goodbye my love, now let me go, I cant do no more and no one can


This activities was one of my favorites activities, of this year, for real, due to the fact that it was really fun and enjoyable doing it and using our creativity, and we were free to write the way we wanted, respecting that it was poem. I loved the fact that we had a moment of feedback and questions, because it helped me see and realize how the people would read my poem without my behind massage, and see if they understand what I wanted to transit. I also liked the fact that it was individual, because I believe it would had been very difficult to make a poem in pairs or in group, because maybe we would have diferente ideas or perspective of the picture. This activity was something new to everyone, it was unusual and totally different from the others activities we performed this past years. The activity invited us to reflect and think a lot, by using elements that we have learnt all this years, and apply them. 

As I already said, I wanted to transit a massage to the whole world to people to be aware of the problem that we are facing this days that is climate change and pollution. This is not a joke! Global warming is every time going to worse consequently, producing the climate change. Every day we are polluting each time more and more. The human being is contaminating the planet, our home, which is the only one we have! Non-renewable energies are the most used canid of energy in our daily life. Renewable energies should be the first option and be used instead of using non-renewable, this kind of energy should be the last one to be used. Plastic is the main cause why we are burning fossil fuels every day, like coal, gas and oil every minute to make plastic. We are destroying the nature, throwing away tons and tons of plastic and rubbish into the sea killing innocent animals. If the temperature in the planet increases by a few degrees during the next few years, we will be into a serious problem. When fossil fuels are being burned every day, we are contaminating the Earth’s atmosphere with carbon dioxide (CO2) producing the greenhouse effect over the planet earth which is the only cause to which global warming is being produced, one of the main consequence of the deterioration of the Planet. If we carry on like this, I keep insisting, we will be into really serious problem. The fossil fuels, are non-renewable source of energy.

Humans are selfish creatures, they just think about the money they will make. There is evidence that shows that humanity’s impacts the Earth’s atmosphere, oceans and wildlife and that has made the world to be into a new geological time. I believe that non-human being is capable of long-term, sustainable balance with any ecosystem. Some people are against environmental protection, not realizing they are essentially arguing for their own self-destruction, this are ignorant people, and saving a human civilization from its own ignorance is no easy task. It will require humans who genuinely care about the future. 

If we really dont change NOW, this will be our future, from what the scientist discovered; if the population continues to grow and the world’s resources become extinct and no longer exists, the human being civilization will plunge into a great darkness period. There is a theory where maybe there will be a 90% reduction of population on Earth because they won’t have enough resources to survive. Ecosystems and agriculture will be destroyed. Once the population is drastically reduced there will be a chance for the environment to recover. Plants and animals will grow where there was high-density of human beings. In this way humans will be able to repopulate again, but in a balanced and not selfish way. 

Over the years people began to worry more about the Earth and with the consequences that the acts of human beings can bring. Many celebrities began to make companies for the aware on the matter, one of the best known celebrities is Leonardo DiCaprio, which has a foundation to help protect the Earth, throughout projects. Another famous celebrity, I looked for another way to transmit the message, was through a music that involved 30 more artists, where each had a role in the music. This was a new way to transmit a massage for everyone since it was pleasant to listen to music but at the same time it gave information about what is happening today in an entertaining way, it was also a way of calling attention to other groups of people who do not usually read magazines or they are not informed so much. The protagonist American singer/rapper, of the seven-minute animated short, is Lil Dicky, and his song is called “Earth”, whose message was clear; There is not one living being equal to another but there is only one home, the Earth. Protecting nature and maintaining the climate within a range of stability will be essential to sustain life on the planet. The video refers to problems that threaten current civilization such as climate change. Although its protagonists are not only human beings but many other forms of life on Earth, from a zebra to a cow or a young lion, where artists, guests, were the ones who made their voices. There are also some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, such as the Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, the Red Square in Russia, shopping streets in Japan, the Sahara Desert and Machu Picchu in Cuzco, Peru. This video was made with the collaboration of the Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation, where he also appears in the song recreating the iconic «Titanic» scene, holding the planet instead of Rose. The singer, now, has his own foundation, known as WeLoveTheEarth, as does the song’s chorus says. By visiting the site you can know what steps to take to help stop the climate change, and you can also learn what is happening today. All the money raised by the sales of the song will be donated to organizations whose goal is to protect the planet.

I believe that protecting our environment is not a choice, it is an obligation,  the environment provides life support for us all, and if we fail to recognize that, we are truly doomed as a civilization. We are so selfish that we are destroying the only thing that keep us alive, and it aperase to me that there is no stopping on this self-destructive tendency goes the humans species, as if it is a type of culture that we have. I am praying that the future generations, if any, will learn from our current mistakes and not follow the same path as we did.


All the consequences of pollution and climate change:

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