EPORTFOLIO: The Horror Of War (1er Trimestre)

The Horror Of War

Sol Santayana

During the first term, we were asked to work on a group activity, where we had to choose a poem that was on the category; war poetry, that’s also a genre, on the book “Songs of Ourselves”. These poems talked about the horror of war, the writers gave their opinions and perspective, they expressed their feeling and their opposition towards the First World War. We had to make in groups a presentation that had information about the author, the literature movement in which he participated, for example: romanticism, and also it should include the poem analysis, such as the literary devices, theme, tone, the title, and give a connection to real life, talk about what the poem thought us and our opinion. Finally we should upload to the blog, and show the presentation to all the classmates. This activity was known as the “Students Teaching Students”. My group was conformed by Belu Brito Peret, Olivia Obligado and Luz Esteban and I, we analyzed Wilfred Owen’s poem, Anthem to Doomed Youth.


The method of this activity was really interesting and helpful, because we had to learn by ourselves the poem and understand it and make a presentation to the class. This work was very interesting since all of us, when we read poems or stories we can interpret different things, except the main message, we all have different perspectives, and the fact that we have taught each other’s perspective to the hole class was fun and something new, although we had to combine with the perspectives of the teammates, which made it more complete. By making such a deep analysis of the poem, it made me understand more, and also the fact of having done it in groups too, considering that for me to interpret poems alone its difficult. We were also able to exchange ideas, because we all, always, have something not in common, or different perspectives, as I had already mentioned, and so we could «enrich» our mind and opinion with the ideas of others. Something that I liked very much, was the fact of putting all the information that we were asked for in a presentation, due to the fact that it is much more organized and helps to see the work visually, making it an easier way to learn since you retain more information when you see something striking and organized. Besides that it is difficult for me to analyze poems, it is also difficult for me to gather information and decide what is really important and summarize it, but with the help of my group, I could exercise my brain more and learn how to do it well, and so on In the future I will know how to handle this situation better.

These poems and this activity made me think a lot, and being thankful for having never been in that situation and understand how tragic wars are, what really the soldiers passed by, such as how they lived in inhuman conditions during war times. All this kept me thinking about how things never change, there are still wars, I can’t believe how people don’t understand the suffering of the soldiers and also the country in it selves and what they pass by, people are so selfish, the way to fix things is not through war and violence it should be by communication and maybe by  contracts where everyone respect everyone. I just can’t stand this, it is horrible taking people’s lives as if it is without importance. Those people die for their country thinking that they are heroes and that the government really care if they die but the real thing is that for them the soldiers are noting, they just want to win territories and get natural minerals from the ground by killing innocent people and making their and the populations lives miserable, is it really worth it? This should not exist, this is inhuman, and evil. There should be peace, we should fight for that not for control and power. This remembers me about a son that Michael Jackson wrote in 1992, called “Heal the World”, despite the fact that the song is about equality, and No to the racism and that we should accept everyone as they are, I think he also wants to transmit a message that there should be peace among all, and that we should leave everything aside and focus on what it is really important, that it is the Earth and those who live on it and their happiness. 

War should stop right now, all kinds of them, the racism, the homofonías, xenophobism, and the real war, the dirty one, where people are killed. Please let’s stop and focus on the future and ourselves, I don’t wanna live like this anymore, no one should live like this, I care for the future generation and ours, we should fight for it. 

  Both photos show the suffering of the soldiers but at different times, nothing changes, everything remains the same, nobody learns.


Let’s give LOVE!

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