Picture Poem – Sol Santayana 04/11

Picture Poem

Sol Santayana

1- Choose a picture:

2- Look at the photo and write

    5 nouns: 

  1. Love 
  2. Hirts  
  3. Animal/Cat
  4. Nature
  5. Attack 


    5 verbs: 

  1. Hiding 
  2. Falling apart
  3. Lover 
  4. Caring 
  5. Lifes 


    5 adjectives: 

  1. Sunny 
  2. Calme
  3. Friendly 
  4. Natural
  5. Simple 


3- Look at the photo and think of (choose 2)

  1. A metaphor: 
  2. A simile: 
  3. A personification: The cat speaks thru his frightened eyes. People are afraid of nature when the nature is afraid of humanity and that’s why the cat represents the nature hiding from the humans.
  4. A symbol: The symbolism of the cat hiding is to emphasizes how it is afraid just as nature it is now over the years. 


4- Start Writing:


My love, my love, why are you so sad? 

Its hurts, I am under attack 

I can’t hide anymore, I am falling apart


Say what shall I do to help you, and it will be done

There is no time, mine is finishing 

Can’t you see? Humanity no longer exist 

My pain is unstoppable


How could this take place with you on the command? 

My friend, I don’t know, I used to be the powerful phoenix 

Everyone was afraid but human has lost their fearThey only want to satisfy their needs 

Goodbye my love, now let me go, I cant do no more and no one can

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