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Anouk, Luz, Sol and Olivia



SOL: SILENCE IN THE ROOM PLEASE. We are gathered here today in this trial on regards of the subject of who is the real and authentic author of the well know Fountain and, thus, who is the creator of “the readymade” art movement which creates pieces of art from any object that is already made as long as it transmits an idea. Now the debate can begin. Elsa Von Freytag Loringhoven Dada Baroness shall start with her arguments.

ANOUK: Sharah Freedman McPherson can tell you that I created the first readymade. She couldn’t believe me I could create a piece of art from an existing object. Thus I told her to bring me a can of soda that I would turn it into an artwork. This was how my first readymade was a rusty metal ring of a soda can over which a car drove and it was a year before Mr. Duchamp presented his first readymade.

OLI: I don’t believe you at all, can you please tell us your exact version of your process?ed to answer the question

LUZ: It was Monday April 2nd of 1917 when I was walking along with some friends of mine in the city of New York, when I bumped into J.L Mott Iron Works and saw this urinal and suddenly I had this amazing idea. I bought it and signed in permanent marker R. Mutt 1917.

OLI: I will interrupt you again, but… which  was the real purpose of the creation?

LUZ: Through this I wanted to express my critics in an indirect and poking way against the greedy and ostentatious collectors. I signed it Mutt because it is the last name of one of the characters from the Comic strip of “Mutt and Jeff” He was this ambitious, rich gambler who assimilated the features of the collectors quite impressively.

SOL: What is your response towards your opponent?o

ANOUK: Most of my art pieces are based on uncommon and rather erotic elements. Clearly, due to The Fountain’s lack of aesthetic appeal and obscenity that it perfectly matches my bawdy style.

OLI: I do believe that is utterly meaningless and irrelevant in this matter

ANOUK: I do not care in the least. Besides, the actual person addressed as Richard Mutt was living in Philadelphia at the same time that I lived there. And it has been proven that what you Marcel Dushit call “The Fountain” was not even in the catalogues of J.L Mott Iron Works from the period of time in which you allegedly purchased it.o

LUZ: You know Dada Baroness that there is actually no legitimate evidence for those facts here, right?

ANOUK: (Revises paperwork in desperation)

OLI: And, anyways, why didn’t you claim your author rights of the sculpture The Fountain and of the creation of the readymade art movement?

ANOUK: Eemmmm….

  1. SOL: After a long discussion with the jury and I, we decided that the one who is the real and authentic author of the Fountain is Marcel Duchamp. Thank you for your presence and time, to come over this debate. I believe that this subject is already done and the final result had already been decided.

LUZ: Have a great day.

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