My Cambridge Letter – Sol Santayana (Art)

Este año con Henan, nustro profesor de Arte, hicimos cada alumno su projecto personal, este año decidi hacer el Stop Motion, y al final de año fuimos pedidos para hacer una carta a Cambridge, para practicar una letra formal.

Esta es mi carta, espero que les guste:

Dear Cambridge,

Let me begin by thanking you for your brilliant institution that I am in love with, and I would love to be part of it. Your cinema institution, have motivated me to make some Stop Motion short films, in the past 12 months,

To make my work I have been using an application called “Stop Motion”, where I have been making my models with clay.

I heard about an exchange in Cambridge for 3 months for people that want to expand your knowledge in art of animation.  I would like to apply for the last  position in the next semester, which I saw advertised in my university’s student newspaper.

I am an student of Las Cumbres, I am 14 years old, and believe that I this exchange you help me to expand my knowledge o f the art of animation. I think I would be a perfect  candidate for the last position because I have been described as a creative person  and someone who works well with others.

I am available for the whole of  December and I would be very happy to attend an interview at any time. I look forward to hearing from you at any time.

Hear is som of my work: IMG_2566

If you wont more, please contact me.

Respectfully yours,

                                             Sol Santayana

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