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Practice for the IGCSE exam

These are the correct and short definitions of the History Therm Test. This helps us to practice for the exam IGCSE. History Senior1 Definitions from lennyambrosini  

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The Furniture – Parson’s Pleasure

    Parsosn’s Pleasure This is a presentationabout the short story that we read with Pilar called PARSOSN’S PLEASURE by Roald Dahl, were we includ the plot, vocabulary and the characters. Parsons Pleasure Voc from Anouk2002   We hope you like it!!! … Sigue leyendo

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«Love is Stronger then War» – Tyres Questions

In the last classes Pato told us to answer the following questions, this work I did with Florence Andres. Questions: (p 396/397) Sum up his boyhood thoughts, opinions and feelings. What attitude does the father, Monsieur Andre Paulhan, have towards … Sigue leyendo

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THE PLAY – The View From The Bridge

In this post I will put everything we do on the play The View From The Bridge.  Tuesday – 20/09: Arthur Miller´s Facts: He was born en October 17 of 1815 in New York He died in 10 of February in 2005 … Sigue leyendo

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My Story – The Haunted House by Sol Santayana

Pando asked us to invent a story called «The Haunted House», in which we had to use some elements. This is my story: The Haunted House Sol Santayana Have you ever thought that your mom was right? It was a … Sigue leyendo

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