The Prison – Essay

Flopy and I, decided that we wanted to do the essay of The Prision, because it was very fun to analiz Tmmmy/Tony desteny. Hope you like it.


Florencia Andres and Sol Santayana


Comment closely on how the protagonist of the Prison can not escape his destiny.

In our opinion Tommy destiny’s  was to be a prisoner of his own mind, he couldn’t act upon his thoughts, and we can see this through the theory of determinism.

People always took decisions for him. For example, his father arranged his marriage with Rosa, “Rosa change Tony into Tommy” this meant that she changed his identity and Rosa’s father bought a candy store for him to run which was also his prison. That’s why he couldn’t take his own decisions, he was already 29 years and he had to settle down. Anyway, Tomy tried to make things for himself, for example, escaping to texas, buying a slot machine “… put in a slot machine that could guarantee and I piece of change if he keep it long enough” and he tried to distributed lottery ticket but he failed.

In a moment of the story the protagonist had a specular moment where he reflected himself into a little girl because he thought that she will end up like him; with the same destiny, “He felt he ought to do something to hea, warn her to cut it before she got trapped and fouled up her life before it got started”. He thought this because when she was stealing he remembered of his young life. Tommy tried to stop to her, so that she didn’t end up like him, in many different situations and ways but he couldn’t because he wasn’t able to act upon his thoughts.

All in all, we can say that Tommy was guilty of his very unhappy life because he was a prisoner of his mind and that’s the reason why Tommy had a miserable destiny.

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