Essay #1 Clod and the Pebble

This is my Essay about the “Clod and the Pebble”. I hope you like it.

I made this Essay with Florencia Andres                                   

    Essay # 1

  How does Blake tackle the theme love in his poem?

William Blake deals with love by showing two different points about it, through personification.

To express his first idea about love, he uses personification of a Clod of Clay, which represents innocence. This clod trusts true love, and that love is pure. In addition, it makes you feel very happy as you can see it in this quote , “And builds a Heaven in Hell’s despair “, it means that when you are sad and depressed love can change your feelings and make you feel very happy. It is a flexible, positive and romantic stanza.

In his second idea about love, he uses the personification of a Pebble, which represents experience. This pebble  had already bad experiences before, so he says that love make you suffer and that love is selfish, for example when it says, “Love seeketh only self to please”, it means love is selfish and it is only for yourself. It is a inflexible, cynical and negative stanza.

In our opinion Blake want us to choose between two ideas about love but the truth is that we can’t because, both are present in love. Love sometimes make you feel happy and sometimes it will make you suffer. And we can see it because in the poem he writes 4 lines for each idea without being unfair with any of them, and without saying his opinion, for us to reflect on this.

In conclusion, in the poem the Clod and the Pebble, Blake express love through two contrasting ideas about it.

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