Monday 21st- Horses (Homework)

Today I’m going to talk about horses and this is my homework:

  • Look at this picture and think about the following tasks
  • Find out about horses, their different features / abilities and how they help people.

The horses are incredible tan, noble and beautiful animals and it is inevitable not be passionate about them.

The horse is a domesticated mammal of the family “Equidae”. It is large-sized legs, herbivore, long neck arched with long haired tail and usually long hair on their neck. When standing on their back two legs, they reach almost 2 mts. Horses can live up to 30 years. When horses galloped can reach 65 kilometers per hour. Their skills are many but the best known are trotting, galloping and jumping. The horses are very strong and so thay  do the heavy work that people can not.

  • Words that we use to describe young animals (horses, lions, etc)

This are the words that we used to describe young animals:

– Horse: Foal (for male)  Filly (for female)

– Ber/Felines: Cub

– Dog: Puppy

  • How horses (and other animals) are trained by people. Why do we train them?

The most of the time animals are trained according to their abilities. They are trained to help humans

  • Words to describe a horse

The words that we us to describe a horse are: big, funny, beautiful, strong, agile, nice and obedient.

  • Find out how to look after horses and write a set of instructions to teach othersThe information obtained from this work, was from my uncle who works with horses.

–  Brush in a circular motion over your horse’s body. don’t use the rubber curry brush on your horse’s face or legs.

– You should  have your horse’s hooves trimmed every 6-8 weeks to keep them in good condition.

– If it  is cold you may cover the horse.


# The information obtained from this work, was from my uncle who works with horses.

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